The world of Therril

The Rising Dead pt. 3

And so it ends.

the fight against the cultists was bloody, the heroes after a short skirmish however where able to cut down two of the cultists, as they bore down on the final enemy, he quickly bolstered himself with the souls of his dead acolytes and fled through a tunnel shortly there after the tunnel collapsed, stops our heroes from pursuing the man.

the room itself seemed to have been the ante chamber for a princely figure and held several treasures for the adventures, once the bodies had been looted and the chests divided up they did another quick search of the room to reveal a hidden passage, the short hall ended in a stone block far to heavy for the heroes to lift but seemed to have been connected to an iron chain. the adventures decided that the whole of the dungeon needed another look over to see if anything might make the chain move.

Just as they where about to give up they discovered a hollow wall in the out of place tomb. Melynx and Kata railed against the wall with their blunt weapons for only a few moments before the wall collapsed revealing a dark passageway.

This tight, dark passage lead to a small room where their was a cold furnace, this was quickly solved when the hero’s decided to place their torch within the furnace, it lit and roared to life the clinking of metal on metal revealed a chain being pulled and wrapped on a spindle in the ceiling above them. as they turned however the fire from the furnace stepped towards them and began to attack.

the living fire followed them as they left the tight corridor and continued to engage them well into the next room before the players where able to end the elemental’s rampage with a swift cut to it’s molten core.

Slightly more singed then before the party returned to the hidden tunnel to find a room revealed, the room contained a sarcophagus and murals painted along the wall. after observing for a moment, Zana’tan opened the sarcophagus to see what was inside. he quickly realized his mistake as a lich rose from it’s slumber.

The party being exhausted on spells and energy to fight could only hope for the best. the lich in return for it’s release agreed to let them live. Zana’tan boldly asked for one additional boon from the Lich, almost laughing at the half-elf the lich agreed to grant him one more request. Zana’tan asked for the lich to stop the undead from attacking the town. to which the Lich agreed to take the dead with him, and stepped through a portal.

when the party returned to the surface they immediately noticed that the graves around them had all sunken a few inches and there where no dead bodies to be found either. fortunately only a handful of other folk seemed to have noticed.

upon their return to the guard captain they where thanked for their service and handed a letter from one or the towns nobles. granting them a free stay in the local inn known as the Guilded Oak.



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