The world of Therril

A Lost Tome pt 2

finding the temple

The next morning our heroes head out from Uncor to the north. reports they had heard suggest this is also the direction the goblins came from and as the party advance toward the edges of this civilized place the amount of destruction becomes apparent. from burned houses to trampled fields or large rocks where barns might have been, the goblins seemed to have been on a rampage through this area. as the party investigates one f the farmsteads they do notice a set of much larger humanoid foot prints.

The players pressed forward past the carnage and towards the ruins of gleaming eye, after a couple of uneventful days the group reaches a spot to camp, they can see the ruins less then a mile ahead of them. while Melynx and Kata gather firewood and prepare the camp site Zana’tan and Satari head towards the ruins to scout ahead. there is little to see other then small fires around the ruins so they circle out and head back to their camp site. half way back they realize they are being followed. but nothing seems to come for them. the party lays down to rest and not to long into the night there is another disturbance, something that sounds like a coyote is circling the camp. Kata who is on watch alert the rest of the group and just as they ready their weapons to go find what ever is out there a pack of goblin dogs bounds into the camp. defending the horses and the camp the party manages to kill the foul beasts. after mending their wound the party retuns to their rest and readies themselves for the next day.

dawn comes without any further disruptions and the party packs what gear they need, they plan to leave the camp set up and protected by Turk for the time being while they investigate the ruins.

not far from the ruins the party find several goblins in the trees around them on makeshift platforms, Zana’tan is able to clear the first platform with grace and stealth however the next one proved to be more alert, and ready for the parties approach. a short battle saw the heroes victorious and without serious injury.

as the group approached the ruins they found them mostly well standing but in serious disrepair. upon pulling lose some wooden braces from one of the doors the party found many a sleeping goblin. but entering the ruins saw the party stumbling into a jury rigged trap of collapsing rock. awake the goblins grabbed their weapons and attacked the party. the group fought hard. the dodgy goblins avoided many attacks while the hero’s took slight attacks everywhere they turned. eventually the heroes turned the tide and started to win the fight, in no small part thanks to the alchemist fire they had pilfered from the goblins in the trees. the final goblin made for a door at the back of the room but was pierced with an arrow before it could go any further.

Battered and on the verge of death the group pulled back to their camp site to re evaluate their plan of attack, and to recuperate



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