The world of Therril

A Lost Tome

A new adventure begins

The party wakes from their stay in the finest rooms the city has to offer to find a new letter on their bedside tables from the Noble Vance Juro’s requesting their presence at their convenience the next day.

The party spends the morning recuperating and re arming themselves before heading over to the nobles estate close to dinner time, the guards stop thekm and retrieve the Nobles manservant, Turk, a finely dressed Half-orc appears to lead them into the house and to the dinning room. as they await their host dinner arrives and is offered to the group. their host arriving shortly there after. the little gnome is happy to see the group enjoying the meal and begins to eat himself. not long into the meal, vance juros begins to explain that he called them here not only to offer thanks for helping to protect the town, but because he had a request to make of them.

he explains that he is an avid collector and scholar of the reckoning and is seeking several artifacts to complete his collection, but to find these he first needs an ancient tome secreted away by one of his ancestors. he believes he found this ancestor final resting place within the catacombs of Gleaming eye monastery. he believes this ancestor was also looking into the reckoning and may have been entombed with the book he needs to find some of these artifacts.

he continued on to warn the party that gleaming eye has been abandoned for generations. so he would have no idea what to expect from there. and that he would provide a wagon and essentials for the trip.

after some deliberation among themselves and a look over the artifact collection. the group eventually decides to investigate the ruins and try to retrieve the book. the gnome tells the party they will be given another night in the gilded oak and that the wagon would be ready for them in the morning.

after a very restful sleep the party head out and finds a large covered wagon being packed outside the Juros home. the group mounted up and head out to the town of Uncor, where they discovered a town half in shambles from fending off a Goblin raid. a quick survey of the town informed the party that the town was attacked 2 days before they arrived and the goblins must have had catapults because big rocks had been used to demolish much of the outlying homes and farmland. after finding out what happened to the town and that a few of the villagers had been taken as captives the party decided it was time to find rooms for the night and figure out their next move in the morning, as a majority of the players settled into bed Zana’tan decided to gamble with the poor folks in the common room, a simple game of cups soon found him out a few gold, as common he thought he had tricked left he decided to follow the man. when Zana’tan noticed that he rubbed an amulet the commoners appearance seemed to change.

The rest of the party, realizing that Zana’tan had been left alone downstairs decided to check in on him. finding him outside following the commoner that had just beat Zana’tan in his game. after a brief encounter the party let the man with the magic amulet slip away before the amulet could be taken from him. the group decided it was time for some rest after a long ride that day.



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