The world of Therril

the Rising dead

the start of an adventure

after discovering the town of Feycaster has been beset by the undead each night, our intrepid adventurers have decided to help them out.

after discovering that the undead seem to come from a particular crypt they proceeded to do their research. they have discovered that the entombed here seem to be of the Juros family. they have discovered a similar name with a similar family crest belonging to the Juro family and that this family still maintains a home here in the city with only one believed surviving member of the house.

Vance Juro they discovered lives in one of the mansions in the city and is very reclusive. they discovered that sometimes he has been known to visit the Gilded oak tavern after twilight. but that his mansion is well guarded and can not be entered.

fearing the worst come nightfall the heroes have chosen to descend into the crypt. upon reaching the first door they where attacked by a pair of severed hands seeking their death. while difficult to hit the hands proved no match for the party. they now stand ready to press forward into the crypt.



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