The world of Therril


Therril is a world of mystery and adventure.

The lands are far from what they once where. the Lands of Therril was once a land of peace, riddled with the kingdoms of humans, elves and other races. it was a place of prosperous trade and magical enlightenment. the gods may have been mostly distant but they where kind and there was little evil in the world.

Around this time in the world everything came crashing down. the world came to an end. this has come to be known as “the reckoning” it destroyed all civilization and sentient life. after the reckoning the races where recreated by the gods. civilization was allowed to restart and the world to continue turning.

the current age is 500 AR (after reckoning) civilization has a firm grip on the world but there is much left to the wild. civilization doesn’t have the span that it once did, and goblins, orcs, and monsters all have found homes once again. the ruins of the last Age still turn up from time to time and magical artifacts may still be hidden for any worthy adventurer to find.

the current world is inhabited by many different races. each with their own cultures and lands. for the purposes of the current campaign we will focus on the south west corner of the map.

Aasimar are rare, human offsrping touched by divine blood somewhere in their ancestory. they survive in human society

Catfolk live as a nomatic peoples on the plains north of Solanta the tribes of catfolk congregate in a tent town they have named Cabu at the very edge of Solanta territory

Dwarves maintain the mountain realm, The Blue Mountains hold the citidels of the dwarves

Dhampir are considered abominations and are not welcome in any society. though some do live with humans they are experts at concealing their identity.

Elves live Primarily within the realm of Caldrima forest though some do live with humans in their kingdoms as well

Gnomes live with humans for the most part, they do have their own town of kibosh. while technically within the boundaries of the human kingdom of Solanta it maintains it’s individuality.

Halflings are a nomatic group. they maintian a village within the borders of the human kingdom of Tanech but otherwise are happy to live in their wagon homes on the road as tradesmen.

Half-elfs live in human societies and have very different lives depending on where they grow up. in Solanta they are treated as little more then slaves and sewer rats. while in Tanech they are treated well and as normal people, often acknowledged for their grace

Half-orcs are usually pushed out of most human societies in some they are given a chance to prove themselves and are often well known for their strength and their ability as caravan guards.

Humans have several kingdoms and city-states around the world. in the game area there are two kingdoms and a small number of city-states, they are each a little different in how they treat others. the kingdoms are Tanech, and Solanta. the City-states are Feycaster and others along the coast of The Barrowlands

Tieflings are revered in Solanta but generally shunned in other places. if born to a high family they are often given places of honor, otherwise they are usually given to the followers of demons.


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