The world of Therril

the Rising dead pt 2

deeper they delve

After surviving the guardian hands our adventurers meet a priestess of helm by the name of Kata who offered her aid in discovering the cause of the rising dead. the party chose to push forward and explore the crypt, slowly at first missing a trap the Rogue was dropped to near death, making thier choice of take the cleric along seem quite suddenly very wise. once his wounds where tended the group pressed forward into an embalming chamber, which rather quickly turned out to be haunted.

as the party turned to press forward they where swiftly engaged by an injured ghoul. they swiftly dispatched the foe and pressed forward to explore several hidden chambers beyond the next burial chamber. these lead to a room with a Pseudo-dragon guarded tomb of a mage. the pseudo-dragon told our adventurers about the family and suggested that their may be a lich of some kind entombed farther in.

the adventurers then continued to explore the crypt. finding only one other burial room that was oddly out of place. they proceeded to the alter room and it’s skeleton guards. the guards where no match for a quick burst of holy energy from the priestess of helm. a quick search of the room revealed a hidden room beyond where they have discovered a trio of cultists whom they have engaged.



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